Babai Killer


The baby is sleeping and the ghosts will attack him in a dream. Help him! Protect his dream. Catch for him candy. Use the boomerang to knock down more ghosts. In the helmet kid will not be afraid.

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Knight Adventure


We’ve released our new game “Knight Adventure” on Google Play!

You are a valiant knight and you must save a beautiful Princess! She is imprisoned by the Evil Sorcerer in The Castle. You’ll have to overcome many obstacles and traps to get to her. Yet there’s another and more dangerous threat – The Evil Sorcerer is going to cast his spell and destroy the Earth! You’ll have to run as fast as you can!

Collect 10 hearts to get a new life.
Collect and use elixirs to dash.
Collect daisies to get more medals.

Choose your hero – Pikelot, Agnarr or Lars!

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